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There are certain foods you can incorporate into your daily diet that can positively impact your hearing health. These foods also provide benefits to your overall physical health as well, but this added perk can be music to your ears. Hearing health is a big part of your health as you grow older. Unfortunately, you’ve probably already done untold amounts of damage to your hearing without even knowing it, such as exposure to loud sounds throughout your life. But you can slow down the damaging effects of hearing loss when you make it a priority to eat right. In this article, we’ll examine which foods doctors have found to be beneficial to the ears and why.

Citrus Fruits

Surprised to hear that oranges and lemons can help with your hearing health? It’s a fact. You probably already know the healthy effects that vitamins C and E provide when it comes to staving off colds, but these same vitamins present in citrus fruits keep infections, particularly ear infections, at bay. If you don’t have ear infections treated, you could be setting yourself up for chronic hearing impairments. Eat citrus to boost your immune system today.


Present in dark chocolate, zinc and other helpful antioxidants do untold amounts of good in your body, and particularly your inner ears. One of the most prevalent health threats to the aging population is due to declining hearing health. Do what you can to keep hearing loss from creeping in by eating zinc-rich dark chocolate, which goes well with lots of other healthy foods. This sweet treat is fun to eat, but if you’re looking for an easier fix, take a zinc supplement daily.

Sweet Salmon

Sweet succulent salmon is a real treat when baked or grilled. It’s great for you, and in fact it’s even better for your ears! Due in big part to the abundance of omega-3 fatty acids that promote heart health and strong blood flow, your ears in particular enjoy this increased flow which in turn keeps everything healthy in your inner ear.

Bananas Bonanza

If you’re looking to do all you can to make sure your body is protected from hearing loss over time, grab the bananas. Full of magnesium, there’s simply no better way to combat the effects of loud noises than bananas. Nature’s perfect fruit, bananas stimulate the body’s defenses against hearing loss, so don’t hesitate to throw some slices on your cereal tomorrow morning or even pile them on some toast with peanut butter.

Fresh Broccoli

Fresh broccoli is one of the best foods to eat in terms of the boost to your hearing health. That’s because this cruciferous veggie is packed with the vitamins necessary to stave off tissue damage in the ears done by free radicals. In addition to helping with hearing, they also ensure you have the shiniest hair and skin on the block!

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