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If you suffer from some degree of hearing loss, you don’t have to limit yourself in the types of vacations you can take. These days, there are many destinations that offer you a way to experience many cultures and ways of life through programs and guides that cater specifically to hearing-impaired individuals. All over the world, there are events and stays in a variety of cities that can enhance your life. Here we are happy to list the top vacation destinations for people who suffer from hearing loss.

1. France

Whether you love the wine country sides, beaches, cities or quaint cobblestone side streets, France is known for its progressive approach to the deaf community. Run by deaf schools, programs are unique to hearing impaired visitors that show them the popular sights using communication methods they feel comfortable with. There are even deaf-friendly hotels and travel resources you can tap into to make your stay the best it can be.

2.  New York City, New York

Where else can you learn about culture, fashion, retail, history and entertainment all in one place? The city that never sleeps is filled with lots of attractions for you to enjoy through guide-led tours that show you everything from Ground Zero to 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Lots of tours have options for hearing-impaired visitors, thanks to a caring hearing-impaired community throughout NYC. Broadway in particular is a great place to visit thanks to a deaf theatre that gives unique expressive performances you’ll certainly appreciate. Check out the beautiful views from your hotel room or take an informative tour through the city streets.

3. Disney World, Florida

A delight for the senses, Walt Disney World is one attraction you simply can’t miss as a hearing-impaired person. The rides are captivating, the parades are glorious and the entertainment is top-notch. Your guides can take you to all the best rides and attractions throughout all the Disney parks, giving you a personalized assisted tour you won’t soon forget, complete with sign language and other communications methods. Revel in the Happiest Place on Earth with a plethora of hearing-assistance resources at your disposal.

4. Deaf-Friendly Cruises

Taking a cruise that specializes in the hearing impaired is an ideal way to see sites like the Caribbean and beyond. Lots of cruise lines cater to deaf vacationers and even train staff members to use sign language and other communication methods to enhance their overall experience. Get involved with on-board activities and off-ship excursions, which is a great way to meet others in the deaf community and start lifelong friendships.

5.  Italy

Guides who know sign language inside and out can help you navigate the cobblestoned streets of Italy, from the beauty of Naples to the charm of Florence. There is so much to see and do here, an ideal place for individuals with hearing loss of some kind. And if the sights don’t entice you, there’s always the scrumptious food!

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