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Nowadays, individuals with hearing problems have more hearing aid models accessible to them than at any other time.Among the most popular types is the behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid, which like any other product has specific strengths and weaknesses. If you’re thinking about buying hearing aids for yourself or for someone close to you, the details in this short article can help you determine if a BTE hearing aid might be a good choice.

Of the different models of hearing aids available, behind-the-ear designs are usually the easiest to spot. These units feature a banana-shaped plastic case that rests behind the ear and is connected to a smaller component which is positioned within the outer ear. The case portion of the instrument is the hearing aid itself. The battery, the electronics, and many of the controls for operating the device are protected by this housing. The ear mold is the portion of the hearing aid that is worn inside the ear. Ear molds are very carefully customized for each individual, making them a comfortable way to conduct sounds from the case to the ear canal.

There are numerous advantages of choosing a behind-the-ear hearing aid. Because this type of device is bigger than other styles, it holds larger batteries, enabling superior amplification and more time between charges. Extra room in the casing also means that the manufacturer can incorporate additional features like a directional microphones, Bluetooth technology and telecoil. Finally, it is significantly easier to handle BTE hearing aids, making battery replacement and cleaning easier than it is in smaller models.

Aesthetics are one of the most reported disadvantages to BTE hearing aids. It’s extremely hard to disguise the fact that you are wearing a hearing aid if you opt for this type of device. Buyers who are sensitive about this factor can pick cases which match their skin tone to help them blend in. The BTE hearing aid is also more susceptible to wind noise, however many models have features that help counteract this problem.

If it sounds as if benefits of BTE hearing aids outweigh the drawbacks, you may have uncovered the right to suit your needs. Consider speaking with your audiologist to find out more.

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