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From the gentle songs of birds to quiet chats with friends, soft sounds are often the ones we most want to hear. But for people with hearing loss, soft sounds create unique listening challenges.

Many people with hearing loss struggle to hear the everyday sounds that most of us take for granted,” says Dr. Kurt T. Pfaff of Hearing Care Specialists in Hopkins, Watertown and Glencoe, MN. “Conversations at the office, a grandchild’s voice, even cell phone calls become difficult. In settings with background noise, such as restaurants or social gatherings, understanding what is being said can be even more frustrating.”

The answer is not as simple as “turning up the volume” explains Dr. Pfaff. The increased amplification raises the noise level of both the soft sounds and the background noise, a situation that can cause even greater discomfort.

Now, a new hearing instrument is making it possible for people with hearing loss to enjoy the soft sounds they’ve been missing. New Oticon Alta 2 can be personalized to each user’s unique hearing needs and sound preferences – including soft sounds. Innovative BrainHearing™ technology delivers the clearest, purest sound possible in a way that the brain is best able to understand. The result is better hearing with less effort and up to 20% improvement in soft speech understanding.

With the overall improvement in sound quality and the boost in the ability to hear soft sounds without turning up the volume, people are hearing better with less effort, even in the most challenging listening environments,” says Dr. Pfaff.

Also available in select Alta2 models is the new Tinnitus SoundSupport™ that provides relief for people who experience tinnitus, the ringing, whistling or other noises in the ear. Tinnitus SoundSupport is the first integrated relief sound generator to offer ocean sounds, a popular category of sounds that have shown great promise in decreasing tinnitus annoyance.

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