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You may want to begin doing more to save your hearing than ever before after a new study finds yet another ailment that is tied to hearing loss. This time there is a lot of evidence that links hearing loss to depression, an ailment that causes terrible moods, loss of interest in life, and even suicidal tendencies in many cases. In this article we will look at the latest information on the study that took place, what you can do to treat this problem, and how you can prevent hearing loss.

The Latest Study

The study was completed by researchers at the Institute for Deafness and other Communication Disorders, and the results were tallied just recently. They used a sample of 18,000 individuals between the ages of 18 and 80 in order to test their hearing and see if they were depressed. The hearing was self-reported under the age of 70 and checked in a clinic over that age. The people were then asked to complete a questionnaire after the test was over that was meant to reveal depression in adults.

The results were absolutely concerning to the people who recorded them because they showed that people under the age of 70 had an incidence rate of depression close to 11%, much higher than average. The only confounding factor was that over the age of 70, this depression risk goes back down to normal, a fact that will need to be explored in greater depth.

Preventing Hearing Loss

There are many things that people can do to protect their hearing throughout their lives, but the two important things are avoiding loud areas and wearing hearing protection when you do. When you avoid loud noises, your ears have a much lower chance of suffering any physical damage that will lead to progressive hearing loss and chronic hearing problems. In order to protect your ears in a noisy work environment or event, it is important to wear noise-cancelling earphones or ear plugs to save you from the bevy of problems associated with hearing loss.

How To Treat This New Ailment

Since hearing loss and depression are two separate ailments, there are various opinions on how to treat them in a cause and effect format. For example, some people want to treat the depression alone through medicine and therapy. While this can be effective, others have said that the best way to treat the problem is to treat the cause. They advocate surgery to correct hearing loss in some cases, while using a hearing aid in others to scaffold your hearing to acceptable levels. This will allow you to reengage in life and be able to talk to friends and family like you used to be able to. Many believe that this could eliminate depression in these sufferers altogether.

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