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“In my late 50’s I began to notice that I had difficulty tracking conversations when I was in a group environment (restaurants, vehicles, parties etc.) I could follow the conversations of the adjacent group better than the individual with whom I was conversing. I had self-diagnosed myself as having “Adult Attention Deficit Disorder”.

As time progressed I noticed that I started saying “eh?” and “pardon” more and more in my conversations. It was suggested that I have my hearing tested, so I did.

Turns out that what I had been experiencing was hearing loss. For years I have experienced first hand with my father, the frustration of being around someone with hearing loss that refuses to take appropriate action; the too loud television, the misunderstandings, which lead to anger and inappropriate responses, as well as the exhaustion that comes from conducting shouted conversations. Because of this history I did not hesitate in taking the appropriate action as recommended by my Doctor.

Today, I feel more in control and attuned with my environment. I absolutely love my hearing aides! I chose a fun purple color, not that anyone has noticed. My only problem has been forgetting that I have them in and sometimes almost showering with them.”

– Lu

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