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The first step to improving your hearing is a comprehensive case history. Most importantly, this process helps establish a rapport between Dr. Kurt T. Pfaff and you. In addition, it gives Dr. Pfaff an insight into your health and hearing concerns.

Step two is a visual examination of your ear canal. This identifies the presence of excessive ear wax or physical anomalies of the ear canal and ear drum that can influence or cause hearing problems.

Step three is a complete hearing evaluation, which takes approximately 45 minutes to administer. Your hearing acuity and speech understanding abilities are measured and compared to normal data. These tests assess the mechanical and neural integrity of the auditory system, allowing us to identify the type and degree of your hearing loss and to relate those results to how they may affect your communication ability. You will be counseled regarding the findings, and them recommendations are made as how to best manage your hearing needs.

If you test results suggest the need for a medical consultation, a referral to your physician or an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist will be made. You will be given copies of your test findings and our recommendations to give to your doctor.

When hearing aids are indicated, we will counsel you on appropriate technologies, styles and instrument options that will best meet your individual hearing needs. All hearing aids are fit on a 60-Day trial basis to insure your satisfaction.

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