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Many businesses and gathering places have made themselves wheelchair accessible, but what about some assistance for people with hearing problems? Installing a hearing loop clarifies speech and other sound for patrons with telecoil compatible hearing aids, is less expensive than other modifications and will increase patronage. Sometimes the owners of the venue aren’t aware of how much a hearing loop can help. With a little bit of effort you may be able to get them to install one.

Places of worship. While many places of worship are fitted with amplification equipment, many are incompatible or inconvenient and there are many places without them at all. If this applies to your favorite worship space, bring it to the attention of organizational leaders and be sure to mention how it will make hearing speakers much easier for their patrons. You might try to gain popular support for the idea by submitting an article to the website or newsletter of the church.

Theatres, auditoriums & sports arenas. Assembly areas are required by the Americans for Disabilities Act guidelines to be fitted with hearing amplification systems to accommodate patrons. Write a letter or schedule a meeting to speak with the managers of your favorite locations discussing this need and the good things that will come of their investment. For example, these places will see an increase in attendance because people with hearing challenges will be able to participate.

More tips. No matter how you choose to bring up the matter, create understanding by sharing facts, promoting awareness for the need and garnering understanding. Educate them in what a hearing loop is, how it works and how much it costs. Inform those in charge of the benefits to you and other patrons. Explain to them the benefits of their increased business. Lastly, remain respectful and stay up to date as a resource to your fellow community members.

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