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Perhaps the best part about having a job is getting the sense of fulfillment that comes with working in a productive environment. Unfortunately, there are some workplaces that are more dangerous than others. One of the most common injuries that people are incurring all around the world is hearing loss on the job. We will examine some of the noisiest workplaces around the world and see how they pose a threat.  This article will also look at some of the protections that are offered at these job sites.

Concert Venues

One of the noisiest jobs that you can have is working at a concert venue. With the crowds screaming and the music being pumped through the speakers at ear-shredding decibel levels, it is little wonder that this jobs causes hearing loss. In fact, many of the bands that play at live venues will wear ear plugs to prevent hearing loss, a tool that the workers have picked up along the way as well.


Farming can be one of the toughest jobs in terms of the work that needs to be put in to yield a good crop. While it has gotten easier with the advent of new heavy machines, it has also opened up greater possibilities of people incurring hearing loss. The machines are moderately loud for the most part, but the duration in which farmers are exposed to the noise is what truly harms their hearing the most.


Being in the military is the most dangerous profession in the world. Not only do you risk life and limb, but these individuals also risk their hearing. From the time that they are put through basic training to when they arrive at their base location, they are under a constant aural assault. On the shooting range they face the sounds of guns and artillery, and then at base they have heavy machines and aircraft taking off. While hearing protection is available, combat veterans have a very high incidence of hearing loss caused by acoustic trauma.


Another very dangerous but valuable job that you can have is mining. These individuals use heavy machines and explosives to rip raw materials out of the ground for use in the world. These extremely loud sounds can easily damage hearing and cause reverberations that cannot escape underground, causing even more inner ear trauma. While ear protection can work, there are times when it is best to simply avoid the work area.

Nightclub Worker

Many people go to the night clubs to let go and enjoy the loud atmosphere. However, for the people who work there five nights a week, the club noise is nothing but a source of hearing problems for them. Between loud patrons and even louder music, it is not uncommon for nightclub workers to have chronic hearing problems including tinnitus.

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