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There are many different forms of technology that are significant in the realm of hearing aids. From the move to digital devices to cochlear implants, the latest technology has always served to create better outcomes for people who use hearing aids. The same can be said for cell phone technology, which has evolved parallel to hearing aids in order to create a form of technology that is perfect for augmenting their abilities. In this article we will take a look at the reasons why cell phones are revolutionizing the hearing aid industry.

Cell Phones

The cell phone technology that most people are familiar with did not become a major influence in sound systems until about 2005. This is when most of the cell phone companies began to include several of the features that made them such modern devices. For example, telecoils began being used in cell phones during this time, making it much easier for someone with a hearing aid to use a cell phone without experiencing noise feedback. IT also established the rating systems for telecoils, on a 1-4 scale, to tell the consumer just how effective their device was in comparison to others.

Smartphones- Changing Hearing Aid Industries

Smartphones have brought even more changes to the technology that works together with hearing aids. Much like their less able counterparts, smartphones come loaded with high-level telecoils that are capable of making all calls as loud as possible for hearing devices. Also, they have the ability to utilize apps in order to phase out excess interference and other negative sound influences. Applications on these phones also help in the way of notifying the user about alarms, emails, and text messages. This can increase communications and provide fewer missed opportunities for the phone’s user.
However, the true power of the smartphone comes from its ability to sync up directly with the hearing aid devices that are being used today. For example, many of the larger cell phone providers have built their phones to integrate hearing aid controls in their application programming. This allows the person who suffers from hearing loss to use their phone to control their hearing device without needing to manually remove and program the device. The user can control the volume of the hearing aids while they are in, even turn the volume down on one and up on the other. Finally, the hearing aid user can also control various aspects of tone and pitch to customize the hearing experience for the occasion. These are just some of the most important ways that cell phone technology is beginning to positively influence the hearing aid market.

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