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I hope this post finds you in good health and with enough patience to tolerate/survive our Minnesota weather.  Enough of the Artic Vortex, we are ready for Spring!

Over the years, my patients have often said they appreciated the fact that I notified them when better products became available.  The quality products that you purchased several years ago may still be working, but you deserve the best hearing improvement possible.    Better hearing is now available!   Since you last purchased your hearing aids, technology has evolved significantly with amazing new innovations designed to do what your own ears can no longer do.  In fact, you can think of these new products as having a “micro-brain” that works in harmony with your brain.

These new instruments work smarter so you don’t have to work harder at hearing.  They work like a “shield” to identify and preserve speech- even in noisy background environments.   And to make listening even easier in crowds, surrounding noise is amplified less and the new instruments hear in 3-D so you can follow conversations that come from different directions and locations in a room.  The new technology makes it easier for you to organize, select and follow the sounds you want to hear.  Imagine having a one-on-one conversation without having to say “what” constantly.

We all have our own preferences when it comes to how we like to hear.  Hearing is shaped by the unique shape of our ears, the lifestyle we lead and our individual physical and mental makeup.  Like selecting our own personal music, we all prefer sounds at different levels and with different qualities. It’s personal, and it has to do with the way the individual brain hears. This unique hearing profile is part of what makes your life as personal as your fingerprint.    A new fitting process allows for individual preferences to be measured and have those results programmed into the new micro-chip so that you can differentiate sounds and hear with more clarity and less effort.

Better hearing with less effort, all automatically!  These new products are available in several styles and price points to fit all needs and budgets.  Enhancements have also been made to the wireless systems for connection to TV, phones and other electronic devices.

Many of my patients are already enjoying the improved benefits of the above technology and you can too.  If you demand more from your hearing device than you’re currently getting, you owe it to yourself to find out more about these new products.  Please call my office to set up a convenient time to discuss how this new technology can help you.  I would be very happy to have you try a pair of new devices on a NO OBLIGATION TRIAL if you wish to experience the benefits first hand.  Call us now at 952-931-9144.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.  Remember, You Deserve Better Hearing!


To celebrate our 22nd year, we are offering valuable technology upgrade discounts to our patients.  Please call for details.  

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