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There has been a big shift in the hearing health world, and the industry will never be the same. For years, the only way to go about improving your overall hearing has been through surgery or by wearing a hearing aid. However, there appears to be new ways of getting through the difficulties associated with severe hearing loss or damage: the electric cochlear implant. This device comes loaded with the ability to create synthetic hearing by working directly with the brain using novel technology. Let us take a closer look at the functions and benefits of this device.

Electric Cochlear Implants

For the sake of easily classifying all of the parts that are associated with an electric cochlear implant, it is best to look at the parts that function outside of the body as well as those that function within the body. There are the external parts which are the microphone, transmitter, and the speech processing unit. The internal components are actually embedded with the person’s head and they are the electrode bundle as well as the receiver for the electronic information packets.

How Does It All Work?

The electric cochlear implants have a very difficult function to perform, but it is easily understood by just about anyone. Sound occurs in the outside environment and is channeled into the microphone that is worn by the device user. The sounds are transferred from this area of the electric implant to the speech processor, where the sounds are converted into digital signals and passed along to the final external step of the hearing process: the transmitter. The transmitter has a very specific purpose; to pass the information through the skin and to the waiting receiver.
Once the receiver understands the information that is being sent to it via the transmitter, it sends it down an electrical implanted line to the electrode bundle. This electrical bundle stimulates the nerves of the human’s hearing portion of the brain directly, allowing the signals to be interpreted as sound by the brain. This essentially creates sounds from electrical signals while not needing to use the ear drum or other inner ear organs.

What Are The Benefits?

There are many benefits to using the electric cochlear implant device. The most common one that is cited by the medical community is the simple fact that people can use these devices in order to bypass damaged ears and inner ears to still produce hearing. This means that those people who previously had no hope can now hearing synthetic sound within their head. While the surgery process may be expensive, most people who have this procedure completed are able to experience a life full of communicating with friends and family and even listening to leisure sounds such as music. These are just some of the overall benefits of using a cochlear implant.

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