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One of the most satisfying feelings is cleaning out all off the ear wax that has packed your ears. While it can be a very guilty pleasure for many people, they do not realize the potential harm that they are submitting themselves to by doing this. After all, the only proper way to have your ears cleaned is by a licensed audiologist. Here we will take a look at the three ways that you are cleaning your ears wrong and why a doctor is best.

Ear Drops

Putting these drops in your ear is one of the best ways to loosen your ear wax without having an invasive procedure completed. You simply put them in the affected ear and then tilt them out when you are ready to drain the wax. This is a good way to help get rid of superficial ear wax, but it comes with a complication. This initial drainage makes people want to do more to get earwax out, which can undo the progress that they have already made.

Seeing The Doctor

The only proper way to have your hearing cared for is by going to a professional audiologist. They can find out the exact cause of your ongoing ear wax problem and then establish various ways to go about correcting it using the latest tools and technology. One of the ways that they can help is by clearing the excess wax out of your ears and bringing you back for checkups every so often.

Ear Swabs

Another way that you can have your ears cleaned is by using cotton swabs. However, this comes with many dangers attached to it. For example, people will wet the swab and swish it around in their ear and hope that they get the most wax out of their ear. However, each swab can push more wax against the ear drum and result in further damage to the ear canal. Some people push so far that they actually puncture their ear drum. This should be avoided at all costs.


One of the worst ways that you can go about attempting to remove ear wax is by using ear wax candles. These large candles are fit into the ear and then have the wick lit on one end of the hollow frame. This is supposed to form a vacuum that makes the wax drain out easily. However, this does not actually occur and has not been observed by science as occurring, meaning it is a fruitless activity.

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