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Everyone knows that the summer time is one of the best seasons of the year. With the incredible weather that is prevalent through the season, you can always find some reason to be outdoors. Unfortunately, with all of the fun that is present, there are also common summer sounds that cause hearing damage. Here we will take a look at these sounds in detail as well as ways to prevent your hearing from being damaged.

Saving Your Hearing

One of the best ways that you can go about protecting your hearing is to wear a barrier such as ear plugs or ear muffs that will prevent harmful sounds from entering into your ear canals. This is the most comprehensive way to prevent hearing loss. The other way to save your hearing is to limit the amount of time that you are exposed to loud noises. This means arriving late to races and music festivals and only hearing what you absolutely must.


One of the best features of summer is the fact that there are fireworks to celebrate the small towns and national holidays. While these amazing displays are some of the most anticipated throughout the year, they also come with an incredible danger. Each firework that is launched can produce a 150 decibel blast, almost double the amount that can cause hearing loss and pain in human beings. It is best to see these off from afar to minimize the risk.

Landscaping Machines

Another one of the most common summer sounds that cause hearing loss is found in most people’s sheds. Lawn mowers are one of the most usual culprits and while they are not loud on their own, long periods of exposure can lead to impairment and chronic hearing damage. It is best to divide your yard work into periods of 15 minutes or less to prevent hearing loss.


Another one of the joys provided by the summer weather is outdoor music venues. While these are a great experience to have with your friends and family, there is a degree of risk that is inherent in these concerts. The loud sounds produced by the speakers can easily cause temporary deafness as well as long term hearing damage. Staying to the back of the venue and away from speakers can help with this issue.

Sports Events

Another great part about the summer time is that there are many sports that you can go to watch. From baseball to soccer, there are many good matches to take in during this active season. While the roar of a cheering crowd will not cause hearing damage, the engines of a race car will. Racing events can cause long term hearing loss because of the loudness and amount of time that is necessary for each race. Ear plugs and distance from the race will save your hearing in this case.

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