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Going to the moves is one of the most fun ways to pass the time and have fun with friends. However, for people who suffer from hearing loss, this can be a rather difficult task because they rely on captions to follow the story. There have been companies that have attempted to make captioning glasses so that they can enjoy the movies as well. Now, Regal Cinemas and Sony have combined to make their own Access Glasses, a device which we will explore here.

How They Function

The Access Glasses can be requested at the Regal Cinemas that carry them. They have people in the theaters that are trained to program them for those who need them. After the glasses are set up, they can be adjusted to meet the movie’s brightness levels as well as compensating for the needs of people who sit in unusual angles of the theater.

After the sensors are activated and the movies are started, the projector room will send the signals to the glasses so that they can be displayed on the lenses. The words will appear to float in front of the individual at about ten feet so that they are easy to see for the user.

Comfortable Designs

The Access Glasses are designed so that they combined versatility and comfort. They are built like a large pair of glasses that are more than capable of fitting every head and even other glasses underneath them. The sensors on the glasses that pick up the caption information are mounted on the rims of the glasses. Overall, the design is very light and can be worn for several hours comfortably.

Where Are They At?

At this point in time, the glasses are found at certain Regal Cinemas that are performing in the trial run for the glasses. This involves 6,000 different screens across the United States. The summer run is being completed over several months and then will serve as a point to gather user information about them. Their future implementation is widely based on the potential of them to bring in more customers, which may bode well for them if they receive more attention.

The Concept

Regal Cinemas and Sony combined to make the Sony Entertainment Access Glasses. These devices have been a dream of Randy Smith, the chief administrative officer of Regal Cinemas. He has a personal stake in the matter because he has a son that is hearing impaired and would like him to have every ability to enjoy the moves like everyone else.

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