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If you’ve purchased a new hearing aid in the past couple of years, there’s a possibility that it has Bluetooth capability. Bluetooth is most often associated with cellular phone applications, however it is also commonly found in computers, home phones, mp3 players and TVs. Digital hearing aids with Bluetooth give you new ways to use and manage these products, making them more flexible and convenient, and offering you an enhanced sound experience.

If your hearing aid is equipped with Bluetooth technology, its likely that it came with a small external device that allows you to gain access to its functions. The controls are generally carried in a pocket or worn around the neck. If you want to receive Bluetooth signals, the controller will receive the sounds and wirelessly transmit them to your hearing aid. This allows you to hear your phone, TV, or other Bluetooth-compatible device without needing to turn the volume up. You can even use it to listen to telephone conversations in both ears, making it even easier to hear.

Controllers for Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids are meant to be very easy to use. Most controllers pick up on Bluetooth signals at the push of a button. Talking on a telephone or listening to an audio player that uses Bluetooth is equally as straightforward – just push a button to activate and press it again to disconnect. Your hearing aid manufacturer may have incorporated other functions with this device, making it easy to access other benefits with one controller.

Hearing aids with a Bluetooth feature can help keep senior citizens with mobility issues comfortable and safe. Newer models have the ability to connect to devices that are as much as thirty feet away, which means that you can use the phone without having to get up from a chair. This ease of access can be lifesaving in the event of an emergency.

Deciding to purchase a hearing aid with Bluetooth capabilities allows you to enjoy a crisp, clear listening experience that is hard to achieve through other means. This feature is user friendly and has a huge impact on your hearing, allowing you to hear things you never thought would be possible.

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